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Many, many more to follow. Requests are always welcome.

Sanrio Goodies

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Hello Kitty
My Melody
Little Twin Stars


This is to formally announce that requests are always welcome, and can be placed here. Unfortunately, I don't have the capability to make gifs at this time, sorry. It would help if you provided the photo, also. If you have any specific requests, as to text, etc, feel free to leave those as well!


Hot off the press

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Lady Gaga

Nicole Richie

Zac Efron

Icons Part Deux


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Katy Perry
Ashlee Simpson
Shia LaBeouf
Christina Aguilera
Gossip girl
Chloe Sevigny

Icons, Icons, Icons

I am in the process of trying to organize all the icons I've been posting at ONTD. 
Requests are always welcome, of course.

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                Zac Efron
                Lady Gaga
                Lindsay Lohan
                Kristen Bell

COMMENTS ARE LOVE!!!  *thanks to ehs_wildcatsfor the SNL bumpers/GQ photos.